Rain dumpling recipe with rice flour and cornstarch

Rain dumpling recipe

The dumplings in the rain are a classic of traditional Brazilian cuisine. Generally, the most loved ladies in Brazil, known by the name of grandparents, present us with these delights throughout life, especially in childhood.

Be it a child or an adult, rain cookies are a darling of everyone, but have you thought about making them at home? Here at TudoReceitas we share with you this recipe for rain dumpling with rice flour and cornstarch, a gluten-free rain dumpling ideal for those who can't with wheat. Check out the step-by-step photos and easily prepare this gluten-free dessert to sweeten your day!

Ingredients for making Rain dumpling with rice flour and cornstarch:

 175 milliliters of water

 25 grams of sugar

 50 grams of butter

 1 lemon

 1 pinch of salt

 100 grams of rice flour

 25 grams of cornstarch (corn starch)

 3 eggs

 500 milliliters of sunflower oil for frying

 50 grams of sugar to cover

 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder to cover

How to make Rain dumplings with rice flour and cornstarch:

Place the water, sugar, pinch of salt, lemon zest and butter in a pan. Bring to a boil and stir occasionally to dissolve the sugar and butter.

When the mixture boils, add the rice flour and cornstarch all at once and stir constantly until you feel the dough come off the pan.

Remove from heat and add eggs one by one, stirring between each addition. It can be a little difficult because the dough is thick, but it will soften as you integrate the eggs. Your wheat-free rain dumpling dough is ready!

Put sunflower oil in a deep pan or skillet and heat. With the help of two dessert spoons, make a small round portion of dough and pour it into the hot oil. You will see how, little by little, the dough becomes very rounded, increasing in size and rising to the surface.

Tip: You should not fry these gluten-free rain dumplings in very hot oil, as they will then fry on the outside but do not cook on the inside. If you notice the oil bubbling, it's best to turn the heat down. We also don't recommend putting too many dumplings frying at once, to prevent them from sticking.

Some of these rice flour dumplings will turn around in the pan on their own, but if they don't, you should stir them so they are golden and even. The first batch of rain cookies takes a while to make, but the next ones will go faster. When the dumplings are done, take them out and place them on a paper towel plate to soak up the excess oil.

Pass the still warm rain dumplings through the sugar and cinnamon mixed together. This adds an even tastier touch to our gluten-free rain dumplings, so don't skip this step!

This simple rain dumpling recipe is wonderful and certainly has a childhood taste. They are very soft on the inside and can be eaten for a few days as they are still tasty.

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Gluten Free Rain Cookie

There are many stories about the origin of rain dumplings, so it is impossible to say for sure the exact origin. Apparently, it was a simpler version made by slaves from the famous dream recipe, brought by the Portuguese to Brazil.

However, this sweet became popular in Brazil because of the Sítio do Pica Pau Amarelo, as Tia Nastácia always made these delicious cakes for the main characters Pedrinho, Narizinho and Emília. In fact, in one of the episodes she saved the children from a monster because he couldn't resist the smells and flavors of the rain dumpling.

There is also another popular story that tells that rain dumplings were invented on a rainy day, when the children were bored at home and their mother decided to improve the environment by creating this recipe. To finish and add a touch of rain to the recipe, she decided to wrap the cakes in sugar and cinnamon. You may be interested to read about the mango lassi recipe blogpost/ basil mayonnaise recipe/ polenta gnocchi recipe/ golden honey recipe/ Moroccan lentil salad recipe.